WARNING: Distributor success is limited to only 100salon and spas (33 store in Each Group) 46/100 Spots Already Gone...
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We're looking for a few more of our
DREAM Distributor
Become a Distributor of YalmehPro's Premium Skincare Products
At YalmehPro, we're selective about the salons and spas we partner with. We're looking for just a few more top-tier establishments to join our exclusive network of distributors.

When you become a YalmehPro distributor, you'll gain access to our line of premium, professional-grade skincare products developed using cutting-edge formulas and techniques. From our collagen-boosting serums to our antioxidant-rich moisturizers, we offer the kinds of innovative, effective products that discerning clients expect from high-end salons.
Discover the brand that is setting a new standard in clean
skincare and changing the way people feel about their skin.

Products Benefits

  • Cold-Processed Skincare
  • ​Cruelty-Free And Vegan
  • ​Chemical-Free and pH Balanced
  • ​Plant-Based, Clean and green
  • ​High quality, effective and affordable
  • ​Results-oriented formulasfor all skin types 
  • Unique cold-processed manufacturing system allows active ingredient to remainfresh and effective

Products Do Not Contain

  • Synthetic Surfactant 
  • Emulsifiers
  • Harsh Preservatives
  • ​PEG's, Quats
  • ​Dimethicones
  • ​Cyclemethicones
  • ​Propylene Glycol
  • ​Silicones
  • ​Petrochemicals


Creator of Yalmeh Naturals® is setting a new standard in natural skincare and changing the way thousands feel about their skin. We create high quality, effective and affordable skincare products that combine the best science with the power of nature. Now you can provide your customers the plant-based and chemical free and effective products. Yalmeh Naturals Pro offers professional size products to use in your Salon for treatments as well as wholesale prices on products for your retail sales.

Effective + CLEAN + GREEN

Cold Processing manufacturing system is the Unique method to formulated our products. We make our products at room temperature without any added heat or petrochemicals, allowing the active ingredients to remain fresh and highly potent. 


Yalmeh Naturals® Pro supports spa, salons and beauty professional and retail customers. Our commitment to your business is ongoing. We offer quality resources to help ensure your success. We at Yalmeh Naturals Pro know that long-term partnerships offer the best returns for all involved — businesses, customers and brands. We look forward to earning your loyalty and trust while helping you grow your business.
When you win, we win
in order to DOUble, triple or quadrupal your business
Take a look at some of the benefits in this page...
Become a Distributor and Get Coaching to Boost Your Bottom Line
At YalmehPro, we're committed to the success of our distributors. When you partner with us, you'll get so much more than just access to our top-selling professional skincare products.

You'll also receive dedicated business coaching from industry experts who will help you maximize profits. We'll provide the strategies, tips, and know-how to help you effectively sell our line and boost your bottom line.

Our coaching will save you time and money while setting you up for sustainable growth. We'll coach you on attracting new clients, marketing our products effectively, driving retail sales, and more.

Don't just distribute products - partner with a brand that truly wants to see you thrive. Get the coaching you need to grow your business to new heights.

Become a YalmehPro distributor today and let us help take your revenue to the next level through dedicated business coaching.
If this sounds daunting, then our opportunity may not be the right fit for you at this time. We seek partners as passionate about their business as we are. Take time to consider if you are ready to dedicate yourself to the level of excellence we require. If not, we wish you the best. If so, we can't wait for you to join our team!
Beware - this opportunity is not for everyone!
Distributing our premium line requires dedication, effort, and meeting our brand standards. If that sounds intimidating, proceed with caution!

We demand excellence and have high expectations of partners. Are you ready to devote yourself fully? If not, our collaboration likely won't end well.

We only want distributors as passionate as we are. If you cut corners or refuse coaching, our partnership won't work.

While the potential rewards are immense, it's not easy money. To succeed you must actively market our products and promote the brand.

If you lack the drive and commitment for mutual growth, walk away! We won't compromise or settle for mediocre work.

The faint of heart need not apply! But driven, ambitious partners will thrive under our guidance.

  • Not for you if: You aren't ready to dedicate time and effort to growing your business with a new premier product line. Successfully distributing our products requires commitment.
  •  Not for you if: You want to carry our products but make no effort to market them to clients. We expect partners who will promote and stand behind our brand.
  •  Not for you if: You seek short-term gains rather than long-term sustainable growth. Our coaching leads to lasting results.
  • Not for you if: You aren't eager to be part of an exclusive network of top-tier salons and spas. We only partner with the best.
  • ​You aren't willing to follow our brand guidelines and retail process. We have high standards to protect brand integrity.
who is Yalmeh Pro
and why you want to join Yalmeh DISTRIBUTOR

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Here's a quick biography about Jackli Founder and creator of Yalmeh Pro...
  • Started First Company: Before the age of 21...
  •  Graduated from: The best collage in the world...
  •  Worked out of his kitchen countertop: When she made her first million...
  •  Best selling author: Over 4 award winning books...
  •  Owns over 11 companies: and counting...
  •  Named one of the worlds: top skincare expert...
  •  Has helped thousands: of entrepreneurs around the world...

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